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OnX Hunt has Something for Everyone

October 9, 2018
By Ralph Scherder - OV Times Hunting Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

One of the biggest issues impacting hunters today is access to both public and private lands. If you're not a landowner, gaining permission to hunt prime land can be a daunting process. Even public lands can be difficult in regards to figuring out how to access areas, especially if there aren't many signs or other markers to go by. And as for hunters wishing to travel out of state, just figuring out where to go can be a tedious task. All of these are reasons why onX Hunt App was initially developed.

More than anything, though, onX is committed to supporting public land access for hunters. They've played an active role by lobbying against bills and legislation that would promote the sale of federal lands to private individuals and energy companies. They recognize the importance of keeping and maintaining these lands and how access to them benefits the future of hunting. The onX Hunt App was designed to give outdoorsmen the tools and information they need to take advantage of public hunting opportunities.

Recently I was driving through the Allegheny National Forest (ANF), which encompasses more than 513,000 acres in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residents are lucky to have so much public at their disposal, but the major problem with the ANF is that those 513,000 acres aren't contiguous. Rather, they're broken up in pieces, very similar to the Wayne National Forest in Ohio which spans roughly 834,000 acres across 12 counties. If you're new to the area, you spend more time trying to locate boundaries rather than experiencing outdoor adventures.

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The onX Hunt App was designed to give outdoorsmen the tools and information they need to take advantage of public hunting opportunities. Photo courtesy of Ralph Scherder

Even traditional print maps can be difficult to decipher. With so much private land sprinkled in amongst the public land, and especially since some of those public parcels are very small, print maps put you in the general vicinity, but apps such as onX Hunt provide accurate, up-to-date information about access points and precise boundaries. With onX Hunt, there's no second guessing whether or not you're in the right place.

That day in the ANF, I used the app to successfully locate a great little native brook trout stream. I've used it other times to help me pattern whitetails. I know at least one turkey hunter who used the app to keep accurate notes as to where gobblers were roosting and strutting, eventually aiding him in harvesting a mature tom.

The more I use this app, the more uses I have for this app. This year I'll be hunting an area that I haven't hunted in years. Consulting the app, I quickly found out that the same farmer still owned the property, so I had no trouble getting permission once again.

Although I hunted this property throughout my teens, I never knew its exact boundaries. Once again, no problem. One of the layers that comes with the onX Hunt App is a detailed grid of private land boundaries outlined in red. Within each grid, you'll find the name of the landowner and last known residence. If you're unfamiliar with the area, this makes it a breeze to track down the right person to ask permission.

While most of the information within the app is correct, keep in mind that properties frequently change hands, people move, and land sometimes gets leased. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I do come across information in the app that's outdated, so always double check ownership before trespassing.

The onX Hunt App offers numerous layers and resources that can be added to satellite images, topographical maps, and hybrid maps. These layers include boundaries of properties in private ownership, public land access, hunt units, bear check stations, forest roads, boating regulations, nautical charts, and many more. Also, you can pick and choose which layers to view at certain times.

Are you questioning which wildlife management unit you're hunting in? The onX Hunt App can quickly tell you. Need to know the boating regulations for a new reservoir you're planning to fish? OnX can tell you that, too. The app even includes a precipitation radar so that you can track storms in the area, which saves a lot of bouncing back and forth between online weather sites.

The onX Hunt App can also be used like a GPS. Maps can be downloaded and saved for those times you lose cell phone service in the wilderness. Various tools within the app allow you to place waypoints and measure distance between points. There's also a tracker tool that records your step by step movements in the woods so that you always know where you are and where you've been.

The waypoint feature is especially nice because it offers the ability to do more than just mark a point. Each waypoint can be customized to fit your needs. For instance, if you want to mark the location of a trail camera, there's a trail camera icon available in the app. There are also icons for blinds, treestands, rubs, scrapes, water sources, and myriad other items. You'll find icons for a variety of species, too, ranging from Antelope to Wolves. If you jump a nice buck while scouting, it takes only a few seconds to access the app and place a buck icon as a waypoint so that you'll know exactly where that encounter occurred.

Successful mapping is really just a result of gathering information and organizing it into a usable format. The onX Hunt App helps you do that. In one place, and on one screen, you can get a good visual of the layout of a property via satellite imagery as well as where you've placed treestands and blinds in relation to the most abundant deer sign. All of this combines to make you a more successful hunter.

Versions of the onX Hunt App are available for all 50 states. You can purchase them individually, or all in one package. They're available for both iPhone and Android devices. For more information, visit



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