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NWPA Fishing Report, 6-27-18

July 3, 2018
By Darl Black , Blackwolfe Communications LLC

Brought to you by PA Great Lakes Region

Published by Blackwolfe Communications LLC

FRENCH CREEK (Flowing through all four counties)

Article Photos

A nice pair of smallmouth bass.

Angler Al (Franklin); filed 6-22: Finding the right water conditions on French Creek for good fishing has been difficult this year. Once again, French is high and very muddy. My overall numbers of walleye and smallmouth typically caught from the Creek prior to the official start of summer are down considerably from past years.

Bill @ Griffins Bait; filed 6-20: Alex Tafoya, daughter of one of our regulars, caught a smallmouth bass while kayaking on French Creek last week before the rains.


Fact Box

Walleye bite had been very good until cold water moved in with all the hard NE winds and rain last week. Temperature in the lake went from 65 degrees to 55 degrees.

Pymatuning Lake

Norm @ Jamestown Marina; filed 6-25: Our customers are still catching fish, although the number of anglers and catches dropped during this rather wet weekend we just experienced. Anglers on our rentals are enjoying success primarily with walleyes and bluegills. Also appears to be a strong smallmouth bass bite on the South End. With the 4th of July on a Wednesday, means a double holiday weekend here at the lake. And the weather is looking good for first weekend of June 30th and July 1. We still have some boats available, but act quickly if you want to insure having rental for the holidays; walk-ins on July 4th without a reservation will likely be disappointed.

Dave @ Richter's Bait; filed 6-25: Good news for the coming Big 4th of July vacation period fish are still biting at Pymatuning. Although it was a bit of downer this past weekend due to the cool rainy weather, the forecast for the first of two July 4th weekends is hot and sunny. The lake level is bank-full due to rain. During the day, our customers report catching walleyes shallow to deep pitching jig-n-crawler to weed edges, drifting with worm harnesses at mid-depths and pulling plugs deep. The most exciting 'eye bite is the night bite wait until full dark, listen for the smacking of feeding fish on the surface, tie on a long minnow plug and wake it just barely under the surface over top of weedbeds. Fishin' Frank has been crushing them some nights, and then getting only a couple the next time. Bomber Long A has been the most popular bait. Channel cats are being caught everywhere, and crappies are finally on deep structure. And with the strong discharge, they are catching some walleyes in the Shenango River below the dam, too.

Laurie @ Duck-n-Drake; filed 6-25: The recent weekend of wet weather put a crimp into an otherwise great start to summer fishing on the lake. My customers report recent success on walleyes by trolling Hot-n-Tots and Shad Raps. With the high sales of meal worms, I know the bluegills are chewing. I've been waiting this morning for word on the results of the NE Crappie Club tournament from this past weekend. However club members caught them, you can be sure most of them were using B-n-M Poles special technique rods. B-n-M has a rod for every crappie fishing tactic stop by and check them out; our prices are competitive with online sites. We are working on a big Catfish Tournament with the new catfish club on the lake; more about this after the 4th of July.

Becky @ Gateway Bait; filed 6-25: I've been receiving reports of smallmouth and largemouth bass action up and down the lake. Walleyes are being caught on crawler harnesses, Storm Hot-n-Tots, and Berkley Flicker Shads. We are seeing big bluegills come in too. And if you don't have a boat, try fishing from the Causeway reports of walleye and crappies catches there in the evenings around dusk.

Sam @ Robinson's; filed 6-25. Don't believe the detour signs at Conneaut Lake and don't believe Google maps. You can reach us and reach Wilson Ramp via Linesville just like always. The bridge that is closed for re-construction is just west of Wilson Ramp turnoff on Rt. 6. Linesville businesses have planned a summer of celebration. There is a big scavenger hunt starting July 1st and running into August where you can win prizes; top by Robinson's or other participating businesses for details. Also Linesville Heritage Days and the Hillbilly Fly-In are coming up. Meanwhile, walleyes and perch are being caught in the North End, and muskies are on the prowl. There are reports of one particular big tackle-busting musky that is breaking lines and leaders in the Clark Island area. However, crappies and bluegills have slowed down perhaps due to the drop in lake's water temperature.

Angler Al (Franklin); filed 6-24: With my brother Steve home from California on vacation, we have been spending a few hours here and there fishing different area waters. On a trip to Pymatuning one evening, we boated 38 large panfish by drifting pieces of nightcrawler on yellow split-tails jigs in 6 to 10 feet of water.

Ken Smith (Sharon); filed 6-22: I fished Pymatuning with my buddy Tim on Saturday the 16th. We searched about ten spots looking for transitional crappies. We found some still shallow at nine feet and some deeper at 12 to 17 feet but they weren't bunched up yet. We kept 20 and then went to check a bluegill bed. We kept 15 bluegills. We got the crappies by Hang Gliding and bluegills by casting small jig with bobber. If you want to understand the Hang Gliding, check out the June issue of Crappie Now online magazine with an article where I explain the technique in detail to writer Darl Black. This past Wednesday the 20th I had the pleasure to take my granddaughter Mya Cantley to Pymatuning. We got soaked in the rain storm but still managed to put eight crappies and nine bluegills in the boat which we released at end of trip.

Canadohta Lake

Jerry @ Timberland Bait; filed 6-25: The musky and big northern pike at Canadohta have been on a terror recently. Customers have been demanding big bucktail spinners and large spoons for trolling and I just got a new shipment in today, so we are ready to rock-and-roll for the 4th. Hope to see some big fish caught. Locals have also been catching a few walleye in the evening while casting from shore.

Conneaut Lake

Editor's note I stopped by the "new" Fireman's Beach to see how it is progressing. The construction crew has been working feverishly to have it done for the coming 4th of July holiday week. Of course I was particularly interested in new launch. Slope of the ramp is more gradual than the old ramp so trailer tongues should not scrape, and the concrete extends further into the water with courtesy docks on each side. However, the width of the ramp seems narrower no problem for regular boats but it appears to my eye that wide pontoon boats might have problems. Engineers certainly would have checked pontoon boat widths I hope. Entire new design to traffic flow for boat launching.

Only report this week on Conneaut fishing came from Dale Clemmer with a photo of pike he caught. Most anglers will avoid Conneaut during 4th of July week due to intense pleasure boating traffic.


Lake Erie

Lynne @ East End Angler; filed 6-25: Walleye bite had been very good until cold water moved in with all the hard NE winds and rain last week. Temperature in the lake went from 65 degrees to 55 degrees. Since few anglers have been able to get out, we are not sure what has happened to the walleye schools, but we suspect they have shifted. They had been catching 'eye suspended at 35 feet over 47 to 51 feet of water. Walleyes were coming on crawler harnesses and plugs. Best color in plugs has been: Reef Runner's Cranberry Crush and in the Bay Rat lineup it was Cedar Point and Green Goblin. Perch were off North East in 47 to 49 feet of water, plus reports of shallower perch at 30 to 35 off Shades.

Rich @ Erie Sports Store; filed 6-25: When boaters have been able to get out, walleye fishing has been outstanding. Walleye fishing is best in deeper water now. Biggest concentrations seem to be 60 to 75 feet of water with fish suspended 20 to 30 feet down. Boats are trolling deep diving plugs off boards. Perch fishing is still hit and miss (mostly misses). Some Perch have been caught in 40 feet of water between Trout and Elk.

Phil @ Poor Richards Bait; filed 6-25: The weather has been playing heck with fish and fishermen. It's been difficult getting out with the NE winds. A few guys made it out for walleyes; crawler harnesses, Erie Dearies, and Bay Rat Plugs were getting the nod.

Dan @ Elk Creek Sports; filed 6-25: Darn wind has been blowing for days making it tough to get out. Water temp dropped with cold water pushed in from out deep. Walleye school locations have been impacted by the drop in water temp based on the few brave souls who were out. Nothing really established until enough boats get back out to relocate the walleyes. Elk Creek, however, is filled with catfish some big ones, too. I've had reports of 25 to 30 pounds caught after dark.

Dave Horvath (Edinboro); filed 6-24: West of Erie, the walleye bite has been 46 to 50 feet, both trolling and drifting. (Before the big blow) Perch still slow. At Edinboro Lake, anglers report a good bass bite working the shoreline and first drop-off. Also reports of lots of catfish being caught.

Jeramie Joy (Guys Mills); filed 6-23: We have been doing very well on Erie of late. (Before the big NE blow and cold water) It seems no matter what depth you fish, the walleye are there. Last Friday (15th) I took my wife's uncle out and had a limit of nice fish in about an hour. Then on Father's Day, I took my brother and my friend out for their first outing. Those guys must have smuggled a horseshoe on board because we found some very nice walleyes! Both days we were running worm harnesses on Dipsy Divers. Purple and gold seemed to produce most fish. On the second trip we also ran some spoons which did very well, too. My brother managed to get his personal best walleye with a 33-1/8 inch hog! We were running very slow (1.2 to 1.5 mph) to get fish.


Lake Wilhelm

Corry @ Lake Wilhelm Marina; filed 6-25: The panfish and bass bite slowed down considerably in recent days. Blaming it on the foul weather. Look for things to pick up as nice weather moves in later this week.

Angler Al (Franklin); filed 6-24: I took my brother Steve to Wilhelm twice this past week. Drifting over 6 to 10 feet of water, we boated numerous 10 to 12 inch crappies on Road Runner Jigs with twister tail bodies. On one trip, Steve caught ten largemouth bass in the one to two pound range on a 7-inch pumpkinseed straight tail worm.

Stan Teitelbaum; filed 6-22: While fishing Lake Wilhelm two weeks ago, bass showed a lot of interest in speed worms and jigs but no keepers. Same thing this past week but this time I did break through and catch a keeper on a jig.

Shenango Lake

Randy @ Fish West PA; filed 6-24: Shenango Lake water level is up right now and fish are fairly active feeding in the morning and evening especially. Good reports on numbers and size of hybrid stripers, walleye bass and panfish. A lot of gamefish have moved deeper but schooling up and still feeding on this spring's shad spawn. Great time to fish as dog days of summer soon to come. Be sure to check out the July/August edition of the PA Angler & Boater magazine with good info on Shenango Lake and some great pics! Tight lines!

Rick Como (Sharpsville); filed 6-24: The fishing the last couple weeks at Shenango has been very good for channel cats and hybrid stripers; both species can be caught simply by trolling crankbaits or crawler harnesses on points and large flats. My wife Julie and I have been catching just about everywhere around the lake. On average, we are catching about a dozen of each species per outing and the average size is impressive. Walleye fishing is still spotty but a few can be found if you stay with it. The white bass population seems to have gone from fantastic to somewhat poor in numbers. Largemouth bass fishing is very good with average size of the fish very impressive. High water at time of this writing may slow fishing down for a few days.

Brock Morocco; filed 6-23: Shenango Lake stripers are all scrappers on any tackle. Casting plugs early morning and late evening works for us. All released to fight again. Plus my grandson Mason caught a nice bass at the lake; he loves to fish with dad and granddad. A beautiful sunset n Shenango Lake this week.

Ken Smith (Sharon); filed 6-22: On Monday, the 18th, I spent the morning fishing Shenango in search of big white crappies. I found some in 12 feet of water on brushpiles in no wake area west of Rt.18 Causeway. I caught them on Bobby Garland Baby Shads on 1/16 and 1/32 ounce heads under a bobber. Kept a dozen over 11 inches; big fish was 13 inches.


Allegheny River

Gene Winger (Oil City); filed 6-25: The unpredictable weather and river conditions has limited my time on the river the past couple weeks. On the few times I've been out the best action has been in fast current around islands and shallow riffles. Most productive baits have been river darter and 2.5 inch tubes from Mike's Custom Tackle, a local supplier of premium custom baits.

Jeff Knapp @ Keystone Connection Guide Service; filed 6-23: Smallmouth bass fishing continues to pick up on the Allegheny following the annual post-spawn slow down. During recent guide trips we're finding bass in a variety of summer locations tail out sections of pools in particular. Don't discount the shallow super-thin water in tail-outs at lower end of a pool before it breaks into a riffle; this is an active feeding station for smallies particularly if there are current-breaking rocks/ledges present. Nearly all of our fish are coming on soft jerkbaits such as Fitt Custom Lures' Solid Body River Darters. Some periods of dirty water have occurred during the past two weeks, during which we've done well with spinnerbaits cast close to the bank. Lake fishing for bass has been good on Kahle Lake and Keystone Power Dam, too. Texas-rigged worms fished along the weed edge produces on Kahle. On Keystone, it's mostly weighted soft jerkbaits fished over tops of weedbeds and drop-shot with Z-Man Hula Stikz in 16 to 20 feet of water close to the weeds along points.

Pete @; filed 6-23: We had a great day on the river on June 18th. Smallmouth bass are coming out of the post spawn funk and eating heavy. I used 412 Tubes and Stickbaits along with Rapala X Raps to catch some nice bass including a nice fat 20 incher. The water was clear so I used 8-pound Gamma Edge fluorocarbon invisible in the water. If you have not tried Gamma Edge, you owe to yourself to give it try you will not be disappointed.

Angler Al (Franklin); filed 6-14: From June 1st through June 7th, my brother-in-law Dr. Ama Das plus six other men from Hendersonville, NC, floated, fished and camped their way the Allegheny from Kinzua to Tionesta. For 29 years they've been doing these canoe trips dubbed as "The Battle for the Paddle" a competition to see who can land the biggest fish. A few dynamic fish were landed including Doc Das's 24-1/2 inch brown trout on a bead head Duracell fly. But as the photo reveals, Jerry McNair had his hands full with a 47 inch musky. McNair was declared 2-18 winner of "The Paddle." These men were impressed with the beauty of the Allegheny and the fish that lurk in its waters. Thanks for coming to our region, and maybe you will consider French Creek for a future adventure.



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