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NWPA Fishing Report, 6-12-18

June 14, 2018
By Darl Black , Blackwolfe Communications LLC

Brought to you by PA Great Lakes Region

Published by Blackwolfe Communications LLC


Article Photos

A nice hybrid striper from Shenango Lake. Photo by Rick Como

Pymatuning Lake

Norm @ Jamestown Marina; filed 6-11: Our rental customers had a pretty good weekend. Seems everyone caught some fish. Walleyes, crappies and bluegills have been biting. A few anglers produced limits of walleyes. Crappies are moving deeper to summer patterns.

Dave @ Richter's Bait & Tackle; filed 6-11: Walleye fishing was slow for drifters over the weekend because we didn't have strong enough breeze for good drifting. However, the trollers were picking up 'eye; Hot-n-Tots, Flicker Shads and worm harnesses were producing. The night walleye bite is on, too, if you like fishing after dark; the Model Long A continues to be the best lure. Musky hunters are picking up a few muskies. And of course the catfish bite is on.

Laurie @ Duck-N-Drake; filed 6-11: Anglers have been enjoying good success on walleye by trolling worm harnesses, Shad Raps and Flicker Shads. My customers report walleyes are moving to deeper water (over 18 feet) and suspending; the depth of suspension varies day to day. Bluegills are still spawning and good catches are being made in the shallows with a waxworm or maggot on a small gill jig or ant. The crappie bite is picking up some following the post-spawn doldrums; good reports from around Stocker Island. I'm hearing a lot about bass catches from all over the lake. And a newly formed catfish club had their first tournament this past weekend with 55 teams; many teams from out of state. Duck-N-Drake will he holding a walleye tournament this coming Saturday, June 16; call the store for details.

Betsy @ Gateway Bait; filed 6-11: The catfish tournament this past weekend was a big success. Shore anglers on the Causeway have been catching some nice walleyes in the evenings; some guys are fishing all night. One of the nicest limits of big 'eye was caught by a customer throwing a Rapala Shad Rap from the Causeway.

Poff's Place photo

Someday Isle Tackle Fishing Team; filed 6-10: We've been messing around with Water Puppets on different waters for walleyes, including Pymatuning. It's always a great bite at Pymatuning and who doesn't like those slabs! Water Puppets in either Melon or Wonder Bread color tipped with crawler are top producers.

Jeff Knapp @ Keystone Connection Guide Service; filed 6-10: We've been getting walleyes in the shallows on crawler harnesses pulled behind bottom bouncer sinkers. We are also finding 'eye over deeper basins in the lower part of lake using Hot-n-Tots fished 12 feet down over 20 to 24 feet of water.

Ken Smith (Sharon); filed 6-10: My friend Randy Washington came home June 6th for a family graduation and decided to spend a day on Pymatuning with me before leaving. Fishing was a little tough for post spawn crappies as they are not fully set up in their summer pattern yet. We fished from 5 to 20 feet of water searching for them. Found some in 13 feet and some in 10 feet. We decided to do some bedding bluegill fishing for a couple hours, too. We put 20 crappies and 25 bluegills on ice for Randy to take back to North Carolina. Great time with a lifelong friend!

RJ Graham (Tionesta); filed 6-4: I finished 6th in a two-day tournament at Pymatuning. I caught some very nice largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Marilyn Black (Cochranton); filed 6-2: I had been looking forward to some shallow water crappie fishing, but the fish seemed to have made a quick exit after spawning. After searching, we found a few nice-size crappies in deeper water but most offshore spots were void of fish. A little bit longer for them to set up on summer spots in numbers.

Conneaut Lake

Josh @ Myers Sportsmen Connection; filed 6-11: Our family fished the Conneaut Lake Bluegill Bev Tournament on Saturday. We caught some nice bass as well as panfish.

Bob Grinarml (Edinboro); filed 6-6: We caught 34 bluegills off the humps at Conneaut Lake. All were males. We didn't see any beds. Water temp was 69 degrees and lake level was high.

Woodcock Creek Lake

Josh @ Myers Sportsmen Connection; filed 6-11: Woodcock Lake is coming down to fishable level after being high for some time. Anglers have been catching both walleyes and musky in the Spillway below the dam. Plus one customer reported catching a couple 20-inch trout from Woodcock Creek so the stream is far from fished out.

Canadohta Lake

Jerry @ Timberland Bait; filed 6-11: The muskies have turned on at Canadohta and they are hitting big baits. I had a run on big musky baits at the shop this weekend as many anglers decided to give it try. I'm also hearing reports of muskies hitting on French Creek as well.


Presque Isle Bay

Mike @ Lake Erie Bait & Tackle; filed 6-11: Our customers are catching nice bluegills in the shallow waters of Misery Bay, Marina Lake and Thompson Bay. Smallmouths are on their way back out to the main lake.

Scott Selle; filed 5-30: On May 25th and 26th, my son Rob and I caught over 100 smallmouth bass in the Bay. All fish came on soft plastic: Dark Green and Purple Magic Z-Man Tubes rigged on Ned Rig Heads plus Dark Green Gitzit Tubes.

Lake Erie and Tributaries

Mike @ Lake Erie Bait & Tackle; filed 6-11: The walleye bite is kicking on in the lake. Anglers are trolling the 20 to 40 depth range for eye. Others are drifting with Erie Dearies and Sonar jigging lures to catch walleyes. Also, still catching a few walleyes at night from shore at creek mouths apparently due to slow warming of water; Bay Rat long minnows in glow colors are best. Perch fishing is spotty. On Friday, one of our customers caught 40 nice perch in 55 feet off the Point, along with several nice walleyes. When you catch walleyes while perch fishing, that likely means a very good walleye season!

Rich @ Erie Sports Store; filed 6-11: Walleye fishing is getting better as more fish are moving in from Ohio. Best reports seem to be West of Walnut Creek in 38 to 48 feet. Guys are using dipsy divers, planer boards and jiggingit all depends on the depth the fish are holding to figure out the best program to run. East of Walnut walleye bite seems better in 34 to 45 feet. Perch fishing is improving as you read this report. Some limits are being reported around 45 feet near Conneaut Ohio. Perch catches have been reported around 42 feet just west of Walnut.

Jeff @ Poor Richards; filed 6-11: Walleye fishing has been good when you can get out. Reports are coming in regarding 'eye in 20 to 30 feet in early morning, moving out to 40 to 45 feet when the sun is high. Both worm harnesses and Bay Rat Plugs are producing top colors for both: purple/black, purple/pink, greens and blues. No big 'eyes reported on West side of Peninsula yet but nice ones on East side. Not much is happening with perch. One report had good catches at 30 to 35 feet off the Clay Banks west of Trout Run. Perch fishing should pick up as month goes on. Lake fishing looks good late in the week as the wind is to lie down after Tuesday/Wednesday rain.

Dan @ Elk Creek Sports; filed 6-11: Anglers were doing very well on walleyes this past weekend. Fish are as shallow as 30 feet, so even the small boats can get out to them. At that depth you can flatline plugs without a lot of apparatus. I have not heard anything on perch. Smallmouths have left Elk Creek. Now only catfish in Elk for much of the summer. We've got a lot of fish in the Lake if Mother Nature only gives us some good weather to get out on the Lake.

Someday Isle Tackle Fishing Team; filed 6-11: We've been drifting Water Puppets on Lake Erie in 30 to 40 foot depths, and 18 to 20 foot depths near creek mouths with good success and it will only get better as we get into summer. We spent some time chucking bobbers in the Channel up in the Bay, too. It's a smallmouth and sheephead bonanza! We caught 17 to 20 inch smallies along with other species lots of action!

Kirk @ East End Angler; filed 6-9: Hard to believe but there are a still a few steelhead in East Side creeks along with a few smallmouth bass. Walleye bite is getting pretty hot off Shades Beach from 30 to 45 feet of water. Limits are being caught early in the morning if you get out in time. Anglers are trolling jigging chartreuse Vib-E lures. In the bright sun, keep your lure close to bottom. Check for zebra mussels on these jigging lures often. Walleyes are also being caught on emerald shiners while fishing for perch. Perch fishing is off to a slow start, but there have been good catches off the Conrad House by Brivilier Village; also east of NW Marina around 45 feet of water. Catfish are being caught off the South Pier in the evenings and off the mile creeks when it's muddy.

Dave Horvath (Edinboro); filed 6-10: The Erie West walleye action is heating up. There has been a good bite in 35 to 40 feet of water by trolling, drifting and casting all methods working. I've received reports of anglers drifting with Water Puppets and catching walleye, sheephead, perch and smallmouth bass match the weight jighead to water depth. I heard of the first limits of perch this past Sunday let's hope it continues.

Pete Cartwright @; filed 6-4: We fished the Bay and Main Lake on May 25. Saw lots of boats fishing close together in groups. Not for us. We stayed away from the groups and focused on areas where there were no boats. And there were bass there, too, eating throughout the day. We caught some nice ones using 412ubes and Stick Baits from 412bait Company.

Erie County Inland Waters

Edinboro Lake from Dave Horvath: Panfish bite is still good, especially for bluegill. Some bass being caught and released. Musky anglers report nothing caught. Catfish are being caught in the evenings.

Eaton Lake from Kirk at East End Angler: Eaton is on fire for largemouth bass and nice northern pike; bait being used is golden shiners. Crappies being caught from shore towards evening.

Lake Pleasant from Kirk "The Minnow Man": Lake Pleasant has been giving up some huge bluegills.


Lake Wilhelm

Vickie @ Fergie's Bait; filed 6-11: Not much to report on walleye action. However, we've had reports of nice crappies being taken from the Marina down to the dam. We have a photo of one that went 18.5 inches and weighed over three pounds.

Cory @ Lake Wilhelm Marina and Snack Bar; filed 6-11: Lake water temp fell substantially with recent cold weather back to about 72 degrees so things slowed down for past weekend. We've seen some walleyes in the 24 to 25 inch range, but nothing really big yet like those 10 pound plus 'eye from Fish Commission survey nets this spring. Lots of crappies have been coming in; anglers not keeping as many as earlier in season but those they are catching are larger fish. We saw two over 18 inches this past week. Our summer long fishing contest is on!

RJ Graham (Tionesta); filed 6-5: RJ says your worm may not be big enough for Lake Wilhelm bass. One evening this past week, RJ and a couple friends caught and released two dozen largemouth bass on 10-inch worms.

Shenango Lake

Editor's Note: Our contributors from Shenango Lake report the bite remains strong at Shenango. With so many varied fish species photos caught in the past week, we are allotting a special page just for Shenango Lake in this issue.

Ken Smith (Sharon); filed 6-10: I took three of my grandsons to Shenango on Friday 6-8 to do a little crappie fishing. We had to ride around some time to find a school that would cooperate. Set up over 15 feet of water with slip bobbers set at 10 feet. We caught and released around 20 keeper-size fish. Not a bad first day for them. They are headed to Philadelphia to spend the summer with their other grandparents. I'm looking forward to getting them out again when the return.

Rick Como (Sharpsville); filed 6-9: The fishing on Shenango has steadily improved in the past couple weeks. I teamed up with a fellow striper angler Ralph Scherer on Saturday to fish and observe his method of live bait fishing with circle hooks. We landed many large hybrids from 10 to 12 pounds. All were hooked in the jaw and released unharmed. Ralph's method is great way to enjoy hybrid fishing without damage to the population of big fish. Pike are still being caught in the shallows, and some are very nice size. Channel cats are everywhere you go. Walleyes have slowed down somewhat with the higher lake level but should improve when water drops to normal pool. White bass are beginning to school up and feed again now that spawning run is over. June is a great month for fishing at the lake. See you on the water!

Randy @ Fish West Pa; filed 6-9: Just about all fish have become active with the warming water temps. Hybrids, bass and walleye are very aggressive and feeding hard. Panfish are also hitting, although crappies are done spawning and now being caught in deeper water. Spring is winding down and the dog days of summer will be here soon. Time to fish!


Sugar Creek

Janice @ Griffins Bait; filed 6-11: Our customers are catching panfish at Sugar Lake and some nice trout in Sugar Creek. We've got the right live bait for your preferred fish species.

Angler Al (Franklin); filed 6-8: Tom Yancy of Bellwood, PA returned this spring to fish Sugar Creek for trout. He drifted wax worms and pieces of nightcrawler to catch 31 trout this week; most of the trout were rainbows.

Justus Lake

Angler Al; filed 6-3: I trailered my boat to electric-motor-only Justus Lake today, meeting fishing buddy Stan Huefner at the lake. Wind easily pushed us along as we drifted crawlers and live creek minnows. Of the 22 largemouths caught and released, had bass season been open only two would have been legal-size fish at 15 inches. The largest was 17 inches. We also caught 2 decent smallmouth bass and a large bluegill. However, the prize catch went to Stan. Although we used to catch walleye regularly in the lake, it has not happened for several years. Today it finally happened. A 23-inch 'eye took Stan's crawler in 7 feet of water and made it to the net letting us know walleyes are still there. I also had a bruiser of tiger musky bite me off.

Allegheny River

Gene Winger; filed 6-11: It's amazing how fast river conditions can change in just three weeks. Bass fishing the past few weeks has gone from great to fair, and this past weekend to poor! This is typical once the spawn winds down, but add dropping water temps and muddy water to the mix, and bass really shut down. We're catching a few bass on Flukes and spinnerbaits tight against the shore in fast moving water around islands and around heavy structure. Hopefully the bite will pick up once the bass are recovered from the spawn and move into their typical summer patternslate evening topwater fishing is my favorite!

Jeff Knapp @ Keystone Connection Guide Service; filed 6-11: I'm catching smallmouth bass and walleyes near riffles plus heads and tail-outs of pools. Top lure selection includes Rapala X-Raps, soft jerkbaits and spinnerbaits.

Rich Sari (Kennerdell); filed 6-9: My grandson, Jake Sarene, caught this 27-inch walleye in front of Grandpa's Cabin on the Allegheny River in Kennerdell!



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