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Morels are moving north...

The Schroomer News, May edition

May 31, 2018
By The Great Morel , The Schroomer News

For those whose season started in early April it is hard to believe the season continues. Yet for some they are super excited the morels have finally arrived! As the morels make their migration north, here is a recap of 2018 Morel Season.

The season continues to be productive yet a bit puzzling and many shroomers are still hoping for the perfect conditions for the start and end of their season. Many regions were and still are being blessed with an extended season. This extended season has some folks finding morels popping up to two weeks later than normal. Most of this extended season can probably be attributed back to the mid-April weather with the late snow and below normal temperatures that just threw the season a curve ball.

The upper Midwest states of Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas all seem to be currently reporting a decent season and few comments coming in are saying they need a little more rain. Most however, are not complaining too loudly, and are pretty happy with their efforts. Once again some of these folks are getting an extended season.

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A nice morel mushroom found this spring by Denny Fetty. Photo by Denny Fetty

The Northeast states have been reporting healthy looking shrooms too. Some places in New York, New Hampshire and Vermont have sent in some nice healthy morel pictures to the sightings map. Throw in the Canadian provinces which are starting to report morels - and everyone is a happy shroomer.

The burn sites in the PNW are once again proving to keep those in their neck of the woods pretty happy too! If anyone needs more information on the PNW there are a couple good sites on the Internet that have maps and hit FungiFLora which has a good page where you can find additional maps.

All in all, as crazy as the season has been for all the regions in the US, most would say it was a good year. Don't forget to hit the Sightings maps and keep the updates coming in.

Fact Box

For those who are still hunting - may Mother Nature be kind to you and happy hunting! Oh and don't forget to keep the sightings coming.

A thank you goes out....

The Great Morel Team was at The Springfield Antique Extravaganza - Antique, Craft Show on May 18, 19 and 20th. It was a joy to get to meet a lot of you and The Great Morel would like to thank you for stopping by to visit and share stories. The weather wasn't the kindest but it was nice meeting fellow shroomers from all over.

Father's Day is coming up...

In honor of the fathers who have taught us to hunt, or the fathers who you have taught to hunt - The Great Morel is running a Father's Day Bundle Special. We are taking two of our most popular hats and throwing in a hand carved deer antler key chain in a bundled special. Both of these items are pretty sweet and should put a smile on your dad's face! You save $10.00 on these bundles.

Also, if you use the code 'father' at checkout you can receive 10% off all other items in the store. (coupon invalid on bundled items). This Father's Day sale runs from May 25th to June 17th. There are some other pretty cool gift ideas that would make your father smile too so hit The Morel Store.

Preserving your morels...

Over the many years, The Great Morel has received some great ideas and tips on preserving your morels. Visitors to The Great Morel have offered up some great suggestions - from freeze-drying to canning and every thing in-between - you'll find some interesting ways of saving them for that "out-of-season" special occasion! The Preserving Page is always a pretty popular page as the season comes to end for a lot of folks.

Here is a tip from Doug T in Normal, IL. "I don't know how many folks dry or freeze any excess (ya right, who has excess). I've gone to freezing a couple of pounds for the winter months. After washing/soaking, I dust them with flour, put them on cookie sheet and freeze solid. The flour keeps em from sticking together in freezer bag. Works well."

Social Media Experience...

Reminder to join The Great Morel in our social media experience. We are happy with the interaction that is quickly growing on our new Facebook Group - The Great Morel Information Exchange Group . We hope by next year that this really becomes the place where fellow Shroomers go to share information with each other. The Great Morel would also like to send out a special thank those who have followed our Instagram account. The Instagram posts have been highlighting the great photography work from many of you and as The Great Morel so often says on Instagram..."nice shot!! " So to all who have helped make all of these a better place - The Great Morel sincerely thanks you much!

Here are our social media links:

The Great Morel on Facebook

The Great Morel on Instagram

The Great Morel Information Exchange Group on Facebook

For those who are still hunting - may Mother Nature be kind to you and happy hunting! Oh and don't forget to keep the sightings coming.


The Great Morel



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