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Detect Fishing Strikes with ‘Bob-Eye’

April 11, 2017
By Gary Grimm , Ohio Valley Outdoors

James Copeland's new fishing device is a creative way to detect a fish making a strike at your bait. It replaces the standard 'strike indicator' technique of attaching a bobber to the line between selected line guides of your pole.

Copeland's patented strike indicator is called 'Bob-Eye', and is easy to attach to your fishing pole; it is also less restrictive when you retrieve the fish; it has a small bell that also can be attached; it features a magnetic adjustable weight system, and the creative design also helps youths stay interested in the sport.

The Bob-Eye has a small metal rod which moves up and down with each bite of the fish. A small clip placed on the rod between the two last eyes holds the Bob-Eye securely to the fishing pole; and the lower horseshoe-shaped part straddles the line. When the fish strikes the line the Bob-Eye will move up and down and the bell will ring when utilized. The florescent head (which is great for night fishing) is easy to see because it is located above the rod. The Bob-Eye is 5.25" tall but is very light and sturdy. It comes in 12 popular colors, including glow-in-the-dark.

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A creative Pennsylvania inventor has patented a fishing strike indicator, called ‘Bob-Eye’. It replaces the standard ‘strike indicator’ technique of attaching a bobber to the line between selected line guides of your pole. Photo by Gary Grimm

The Bob-Eye, which sells for $12 (includes shipping), does not need to be removed when retrieving the fish, because of its tangle-resistant design.

Copeland, of Verona, PA, has also invented other creative fishing aids, including; 'Quick Stand', 'Rod Rattler', 'Strike-On' and 'Snapper & Quick Snap'. He says he's working on a few new ones.

See Copeland's fishing aids and other inventions online at:



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