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Muddy Prestige MLS2700

2-Person Tree Stand Review

February 7, 2016
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

The Fall 2015 issue of Ohio Valley Outdoors Magazine featured an article covering four 2-person tree stands. For the review, 9 companies were initially contacted. Through a process of elimination, the choice was narrowed down to four Muddy, Rivers Edge, Summit and Millennium.

Initial customer service was a key factor in making the selection. Getting answers to simple questions and the responsiveness of the manufacturers right from the beginning was necessary, and these four companies excelled above the others. They are well known in the industry, have a solid reputation and are readily available through a variety of retailers. Each tree stand was carefully scrutinized for a variety of specifications and features. Some information was readily available and some was not. Information was compiled from the owner's manuals, web sites, emails and phone calls to the manufacturer. Making a smart buying decision starts with having the facts.

Even though these tree stands come from different manufacturers in different states, they have a lot in common.

Article Video

* a DVD included on tree stand safety

* manuals have comprehensive 'Warning' information about tree stand assembly, set up, use and safety

* only (2) 7/16" wrenches are needed for complete assembly

Article Photos

Muddy Prestige MLS2700

* assembly time was 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hour (one person)

* all meet or exceed industry standards recognized by the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association

* all shooting rails have protective wrap-around sleeves in camo finish

* all nuts were self-locking (neoprene inserts)

* all come with two (2) safety harnesses

* all are imported


Muddy Prestige MLS2700

The staff at Muddy responded very promptly to my invitation and welcomed the opportunity to participate in this review. Based on the specifications I gave them, the Muddy Prestige MLS2700 was their recommendation. When this tree stand arrived and the box was opened, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the parts were individually packed in plastic bags. While the outside of the box showed signs of being shipped from Minnesota and my handling of this 100 pound box wasn't the most gentle, everything inside the box was in exceptionally good condition.

Unpacking the box and unwrapping the pieces, I had a second surprise the finish. Tree stands are typically given a paint or powder coat finish. Muddy finishes the Prestige MLS2700 with their textured Durable Fiber Guard Powder Coat. This texture could make a big difference on cold, rainy days when the temperature is hovering around the freezing mark.

The ladder uprights and platform mainframe of the MLS2700 are definitely different from other ladder stands that typically use square tubing. These parts are oval shaped measuring about 5/8" wide by 2" deep. This makes gripping the uprights on the ladder more comfortable and gives rigidness to the ladder and platform assembly. How the ladder sections connect to each other is another difference. The joint from one section fits inside the joint from another section for a flush surface. Ladder sections are secured by bolting them together with a nylon washer under the nut and a hex shaped opening to secure the bolt head. This set up further eliminates any possible noise.

Most hunters typically carry some sort of bag or back pack, and when you're up in a tree stand, finding a place to secure it can be a challenge. The MLS2700 has the widest platform of the four tree stands in this review, measuring 50". With about 13" of platform space on each side of the seat support, this is ideal for securing gear out of the way. When the seat and armrests are folds up, the large platform allows for more movement especially when getting in or out of the tree stand.

Like the other tree stands, setting up the MLS2700 on a tree is typical of what you would normally do. The only difficulty was tightening the ratchet strap on the mainframe bark biter. With the recommended hook position of the ratchet strap, the ratchet strap handle is 12" behind the platform and could be difficult for someone with a short arm reach.

The Muddy Prestige MLS2700 is the most expensive of the tree stands in this review, but it also had a lot of nice amenities. For example, I liked the ability to adjust the angle of the back rest, the 3" thick Tri-Plex waterproof seat cushion, stabilizer straps (not strings), the adjustable shooting rail, nylon washers for nut and bolt, and plugs in the ends of the shooting rail and seat framing.

Muddy Prestige MLS2700 Specifications:
Tree Diameter:9"-20"
Height to Platform:13'
Platform Size:50" x 30"
Platform Weight:54 lbs.
Platform Attachment:2 ratchet straps
Seat Height:17 1/2"
Seat Dimensions:34" x 15"
Seat Frame Width:38 1/2"
Shooting Rail Height:Adjustable
Ladder Sleeves:Inside
Ladder Joints:Nut/Bolt
Ladder Uprights:2" x 15/16"
Step Dimensions:3/4"
Step Distance:15 3/4"
Steps (inside width):15"
Tubing Gauge:16 and 18 ga.
Grade 5 Bolts:Yes
Finish:Black Powder Coat
Piece Count*:31
Total Weight:86 lbs.
Wrenches Included:No
Seat Replacement Cost:Backrest $20, Seat $23
Full Body Harness (FAS):2
Warranty:12 months
* excluding hardware/straps/strings/etc

*** Summary

One of my greatest concerns about 2-person tree stands is stability. Each tree stand was set up against the same tree measuring about 20" in diameter at the platform. With the help of an assistant, we took turns climbing up and down the ladder, and moving around on the platform. With our combined weight in the 360 pound range, we were both impressed with the stability of all four of the 2-person tree stands.

There are safety issues. (1) Putting up a 2-person tree stand is a 3 person job. When you have a platform assembly that weights around 50 pounds at the end of a 14 to 16 foot ladder, it's easy to loose control. (2) A 2-person tree stand may be rated with a 500 pound capacity. However, there can be an individual weight limitation based on a tree stand design or a limitation of the safety harness. Read the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer if in doubt. (3) Do not over tighten any nuts/bolt. This may weaken the strength and integrity of the construction. It can also make disassembly more difficult.

You may be considering the purchase of a 2-person tree stand for the first time, getting a replacement for an existing one, or maybe just upgrading from a 1-person tree stand. It's always best to shop around after you have determined what you need. In this 4-part series, details for each tree stand were covered that can help you determine which one best fits your needs. If you're still unsure, check out their website or contact them by phone; I found the staff at each of these companies very helpful and informative.

Muddy - (844) 745-7723 -



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