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A Dozen Perfect Christmas Gifts

Provided by Pro Fisherman Dave Lefebre

December 20, 2015
By Dave Lefebre , Ohio Valley Outdoors

It's hard to believe that summer is over and the ice fishing season is almost here. To some that may seem depressing, but I couldn't be more excited! I look forward to the hard water and having some serious "stress-free" fun. Not to mention when you cover as much water as I do (without a sled), and drill as many holes as I do (without a gas drill)ice fishing offers some great "off-season" exercise!

Since the tournament season ended, I've been getting ready for the winter, taking inventory, organizing my equipment and tackle, and ordering gear. In doing this, I've come across some really cool stuff. Some items I think would make perfect gifts for the ice nut who has everything.

1. Ice Force Fishing Gloves $29.99

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PA Pro Fisherman Dave Lefebre offers his top Christmas gifts for ice fisherman.

I wear these and keep an extra pair for a fishing buddy. I love them; even wear them in the boat on super cold days. They are warm, utilizing the 3M Thinsulate, but light and not too bulky.

They have a fitted, 2-panel, stitched construction with anatomically placed seams, which provides remarkable form fitting comfort and dexterity. The Velcro on the wrists is comfortable and the Sure-Grip palms and fingers help with handling fish.

2. Rapala Classic Birch Knives ($23.99 and up)

I've had a Rapala fillet knife since I was 10! I now have several sizes and plan to get a couple of these all-new knives for sure. Marttiini is a high quality, legendary company, who has taken their 88 years of knife making craftsmanship and developed a line of knives that brings their passion and uncompromising standards to the hunting category. Using today's modern technologies with carefully chosen materials they have created knives that exceed their own exacting standards. Known for their precision blades, every Marttiini knife is manually finished by the hands of skilled artisans to their legendary razor sharp edge. Perfect gift if you ask me!

3. Sufix Advanced 832 Ice Braid ($11.49)

Most ice fishermen use some type of monofilament or fluorocarbon line. In my freshwater fishing, I've totally switched over to Sufix braided line and a fluorocarbon leader, and I love it! The advantages are too many to ignore, and I basically never have to change my main line, only my leader. Last ice season I tried this on my 13 Fishing ice reels and it worked out perfectly. Not many ice fishermen have switched to this method yet, so it's a safe bet the ice nut you know will be very happy with this gift. For panfish, I recommend 4lb test and for bigger fish, such as walleye, I would go with the 6lb test, but the 4lb will actually work too. I also like the high vis Neon Lime color. Since you're using a fluorocarbon leader, the braid color doesn't matter, you want to be able to see it!

4. The Jobber ($35.00)

Just like in a marriage, a happy ice-fishing partner is very important, that is if you want to stay out in the elements longer. No other piece of equipment has been more beneficial in this category than this simply awesome cold weather hat! I tried mine on once after removing the tag, after that, it's been on a buddies head, until finally being stolen by a writer buddy, lol. This is a gift that will be used and lovedguaranteed! And when paired with a 13 Fishing Wicked ice rod and reel, you simply can't go wrong. Everyone needs a new Jobber, even me!

5. MarCum VX-1i Flasher ($329.99)

My most asked questions concerning ice fishing always involve a flasher. I never go ice fishing without one, and once you experience "video game fishing" one timeyou won't eitherI promise! Here's a new one from MarCum that is affordable, easy to understand and operate, and has everything you need to get the job done. I used a VX-1 last ice season and highly recommend it! It has more power and advanced technology than any other flasher in its class. The "split screen zoom" feature and patented "interference rejection" are two functions that I really love. It comes packed with 1000 watts of power, a 20-degree transducer and a rechargeable 12 volt 7 amp battery. MarCums are also proudly manufactured in the USA by the way!

6. Glide-Lite Sled ($89.99)

I can't sit still on the water and that carries over onto the ice, I'm a runner and gunner! If you, or someone you know is like me, this is something that will make their life a lot easier. I carry a Glide Lite with me for scouting around and covering water plus it fits in my larger ice hut sled. I can carry everything I need in it, it's compact and it drags easily even in deep snow and slush. This is a "must have" for any serious ice fisherman!

7. Useful Rapala Tools

There are simply too many unique tools featuring the Rapala logo to list here, literally 3 pages of useful gadgets, most of which, you most likely do not have. Take your time browsing through this stuff and try not to spend too much money on yourself, lol. Good luck and don't say I didn't warn you!

8. Tickle Stick ($49.99)

Every ice-fishing nut must experience a Tickle Stick! These new and innovative 13 Fishing ice rods are not only incredibly fun to use, they are also extremely effective. The round conventional rod actually tapers into a flat tip section, eliminating the need for a bobber or strike indicator. You and all your ice buddies will be blown away with this rodguaranteed! They come in several models; my favorites are the ultra lights!

A gift idea piece would not be complete without a few baits on it, so here are some brand new ones and some "oldies but goodies" that I'm confident will be huge hits for you and your buddies on the ice in 2016!

9. Ultra Light Rippin' Rap

I had the chance to play with these a little bit last year just before ice-out with impressive results. I'm excited to put them to use again soon. There are quite a few good colors and some new ones available as well!

10. Yamamoto 2" Grub

These crappie killers are not new, but being my #1 big crappie weapon of choice, they must be on my bait list! Do yourself a favor and stuff a stocking with some packs of these!

11. VMC Tungsten Fly Jig

Tungsten is heavier than lead, and when ice fishing with ultra tiny lures, the importance of weight is magnified quite a bit. These little things are new for 2016 and I can't wait to get my hands on some.

12. Jigging Rap

The Jigging Rap has been one of my "go-to" lures for many years. What I'm excited about are the 6 new colors available for 2016! These things are proven deadly, and the new colors are all hot and fresh!



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