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Art in a Tree

September 14, 2014
By Curt Grimm - The Marathon Hunter , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Hornet and yellow jacket nests are a work of art. They display a variety of colors and they are all different. After I locate one, I record the spot and plan to make a return visit when no one is at home. They will look great beside one of my favorite mounted animals, and add character to my game room or hunting cabin. Safety is of upmost importance! A nest may look unoccupied and I still take a lot of precautions. I go back for my last inspection on a warm fall day, and also take some long distance hornet or wasp spray to clear the site and assure it is not occupied. Sometimes I even wait until early winter to obtain the nest. It may end up being a two man job to lower the nest into a heavy duty garbage bag. When I lower the branch with a gentle sawing motion I like having an extra set of eyes and hands around because it makes the job easier. I sometimes pre-spray the bag with insecticide before storage. It will remain all winter hanging in the cold located in an outbuilding or garage.

After cold storage I cautiously open the bag to investigate the contents. I open the bag while it is on the ground and gradually pull the bag away from the nest. If the coast is clear, I use a long handled broom and gently move the nest back and forth. I then place it back in the bag to guarantee no further activity. I'd rather be extra safe than sorry.

They look great hanging on a birch tree branch or above a fireplace. A bear climbing up a tree and reaching for the nest makes a great mount. Placing them in any room where the sun is able to strike them reveals the workmanship and beauty of this natural phenomenon.

Article Photos

The author with several bees hives he’s collected that are displayed in his ‘man cave’. Photo by Gary Grimm

Time spent in search of hornet nests provides a lot of exercise that will prepare me for the upcoming hunting season. The search also has other rewards because it provides time for scouting game and food plots. The beauty of nature is always unique and different, but you have to be willing to go outdoors and spend time to appreciate its beauty.



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