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Gun Rights Supporters…Sometimes, We’re Our Own Worst Enemy (Part 2)

June 17, 2013
By Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

A couple months ago, I wrote a short article and gave two prime examples of how law abiding, gun rights supporters are acting in ways that actually support the gun control advocates positions. Well, it happened again. A gun rights supporter did something incredibly stupid that will have a very negative impact on the gun rights supportershe (or she, or they) sent ricin tainted letters to President Obama, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns office in Washington, DC.

In the last seven months since the tragic event at Sandy Hook, gun control has been an issue in the news nearly every day. Gun control advocates at all levels of government and the biased media have used Sandy Hook to stir up the emotionally driven pot of the general public. Gun rights advocates have weathered this storm in relatively good shape, so far, but overall public opinion has been swayed in favor of more gun control measures.

Now, the ricin attack against Mayor Bloomberg, MAIG and President Obama occurred. The cause of the gun rights supporters has just been set back. Mayor Bloomberg has already made public announcements about the attempt and already used it to further his gun control agenda. The White House only has to make a statement that the letter was addressed to the President, it contained ricin and the person(s) who mailed the letter did so because of the President's position on gun control. Public opinion and the biased media will do the rest.

There are literally millions of gun owners in the United States, and 99.999999% of them are good, decent, law abiding citizens who own a firearm for some legitimate reason. Unfortunately, it's that .000001% (like the person or persons mailing the ricin letters) who will get national media attention and become part of the criminal element that threatens our Second Amendment rights.



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