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“It’s My Opinion”

The Frustration with Gun Control Advocates

May 10, 2013
By Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

If you have read any of my other opinion articles or have talked with me, it's quite obvious that I am on the side of being a gun rights supporter, but not to an extreme. I fall into that 98% between the 1% 'gun confiscation' and the 1% 'anything goes'. As a gun rights supporter, one of the greatest frustrations is the biased language and false statements made by gun control advocates to sway public opinion. Here are three common examples

#3'No Background Check for Internet Sales' Is this really even a problem or is it just more gun control hype by politicians and the media to sway the uninformed general public? First off, ANY handgun sale that crosses state lines MUST ship to an Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer which requires a background check for the buyer. Depending on state laws (such as PA), even intrastate sales of handguns must go through an FFL with a background check. If I purchased any firearm through one of the various websites where they are available, it is shipped to my local FFL dealer and I go through a background check to pick it up. Let's assume Internet sales from private party to private party are a real problem. Then why doesn't the BATFE set up a sting operation to catch the buyers? The buyer will undoubtedly be a criminal trying to get a gun.

#2'Illegal Guns*' We've all heard this term constantly used by politicians, by gun control advocates and by the biased media. "The robber used an illegal gun"; "the gang banger was caught with an illegal gun"; "the assailant shot his victim with an illegal gun"; "the drug dealer was carrying an illegal gun"; and on, and on, and on. Then, there will be a picture or description of a shotgun, handgun or rifle. For the uninformed general public, it gives the impression that common firearms are illegal. Damn itunless the firearm is fully automatic, or the serial number has been removed, or a shotgun barrel shorter than 18", or a rifle barrel shorter than 16", or the firearm is equipped with a silencer, or it falls into a category of firearms controlled by the BATFE under the National Firearms Acts (NFA) of 1934 or 1968, the firearm is LEGAL. It's the individual that is illegally in possession of or used a legal firearm. (*NFA controlled firearms/accessories can be owned legally by an individual by following BATFE guidelines, paying the exorbitant taxes, and is further subject to state laws).

And #1'Assault Weapons' - The AR and AK-style rifles available for purchase by the general public ARE NOT assault rifles like those used in the military. They may look like a military assault rifle, but they're not. I have challenged people supporting an 'assault weapon' ban who to correctly describe and define an assault weapon. To date, my challenge has gone unanswered. The general public typically does not know the difference, and the same is true of many gun control advocates. If they do know the difference, shame on them for purposefully spreading false information to intentionally scare the general public.

So, how do I deal with these frustrating comments? I ask an obvious questions. For #3I ask, "How are internet sales of firearms causing a problem?" for #2I ask, "Why was the gun illegal?" For #1I ask, "Please specifically and correctly describe an 'assault rifle' for me." If you use this approach, try not to laugh too hard at the 'uninformed' response, if you get a reply at all.

Fact Box

'Assault Weapons' - The AR and AK-style rifles available for purchase by the general public ARE NOT assault rifles like those used in the military.



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