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Sturm Ruger Chambers the Model 77/17® in .17WSM

June 15, 2015 Media Range Day at the SHOT Show is always full of surprises, and the 2015 show was no different. Sturm Ruger had a prototype of a bolt action rimfire rifle chambered in . more »»

Shooting a Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle – A Piece of Armament History

March 15, 2015 Every summer, shooters from all over the tri-state area travel to Hidden Valley Sportsmen’s Club in West Middlesex (PA) to compete in an event limited to military issued rifles. more »»

Plinking Fun with S&W (Part 2) - The M&P15-22 Performance Center Rifle

December 28, 2014 In August 2009, Smith & Wesson introduced the M&P15-22 semi-auto rifle in .22LR. This rifle was designed as a dedicated .22LR firearm, not a retrofit of their centerfire rifle. more »»

Plinking Fun with S&W (Part 1) - The M&P22

September 21, 2014 When you ask any law enforcement officer, military person, firearms instructor, professional shooter or shooting enthusiast what it takes to be a good shooter with handguns, their first answer is... more »»

“To B or not to B” . . . Savage’s B.Mag, That Is

May 31, 2014 In January 2013, Savage introduced a completely new rifle at the SHOT show. This rifle, called the B.Mag (Bolt Magnum), was chambered in a completely new cartridge introduced by Winchester, the . more »»

OVO Gun Review Hits 100,000 Views

April 25, 2014 EAST LIVERPOOL, OH — Ohio Valley Outdoor magazine contributing writer and gun reviewer Bill Waugaman's popular firearms video review has recently surpassed the 100,000 mark. more »»

The Windham Weaponry CDI (Carbine Diamondhead Integrated)

November 19, 2013 Never having owned or ever shot an AR-platform rifle, I finally succumbed to the allure and decided to review a modern sporting rifl. more »»

Browning’s Newest Buck Mark Handguns – The Camper UFX

May 29, 2013 As an outdoors writer, I regularly receive press releases and product announcements from manufacturers and advertising agencies. more »»

Savage Introduces the Model 42

April 1, 2013 A single shot .22 rifle was my first gun. Growing up in rural western Pennsylvania and running a trap line, I needed more than just the .22 rifle. more »»

Winchester SX3 Universal Hunter Review

January 16, 2013 Like other hunters and shooting enthusiasts, I’ve had my share of shotguns over the years. More recently, my shotgun of choice is a semi-auto. more »»

Weatherby's Vanguard Series 2 Carbine

November 24, 2012 In early fall of 2011, I had the pleasure of reviewing Weatherby’s new Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic Stainless rifle shortly after it first became available. more »»

An Overgrown Kid in a Colt Candy Store (Part 2)

August 15, 2012 There are several companies manufacturing or importing military/law enforcement style rifles chambered in .22LR. One of those companies, Umarex USA, has a licensed model of a Colt rifle. more »»

An Overgrown Kid in a Colt Candy Store (Part 1)

July 15, 2012 Like a lot of others who enjoy shooting firearms as a form of entertainment and relaxation, I’ve always been intrigued by the military and law enforcement types of rifles and handguns. more »»

Weatherby PA-459 Threat Response

July 11, 2012 If someone mentions Weatherby shotguns, what comes to mind? Is it the craftsmanship and functionality of Orion over/unders or side-by-sides, or the exceptional beauty of an Athena over/under, or the... more »»

Savage Model 25 Varminter

July 11, 2012 The objective at Savage a lighter, easy to carry varmint rifle. more »»

Interview with Management at Mitchell's Mausers

July 11, 2012 As I was getting ready for a pre-1950 military rifle shoot, conversations with other shooters turn to classic military rifles, and especially Mausers. more »»

Smith & Wesson Governor

July 11, 2012 If you think the ‘.410/.45 handgun’ is just a passing fad, you might want to reconside. more »»

S&W’s Governor vs. Taurus’ Judge…How They Compare

July 11, 2012 After deciding you want a .410/.45 handgun, the next question becomes “which one”. more »»

Savage’s New Lightweight Hunter… Less Is Really More

November 18, 2011 Starting in December ’08 and every deer season thereafter, I made the suggestion to Savage of producing a light weight centerfire rifle. more »»

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2…The Sequel

November 18, 2011 Have you ever watched a good movie and when the sequel came out, you wonder to yourself if the sequel is going to be better than the original or a dud? For Weatherby, their sequel to the Vanguard... more »»



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